Thursday, March 3, 2011

building a kitchen

i recently re-discovered my childhood love for baking. my sister and i used to spend our summers in kansas with our grandparents and i used to bake up a storm with my grandma. cookies, cakes, pies, you name it. her house was awesome because she always had every ingredient/utensil needed to make just about anything you could find in her recipe box. lately i've been doing some of my baking/cooking at my sister's house because she has all the tools and most of the ingredients i need. good luck finding a sifter in my kitchen. or brown sugar. anyway, the other day i decided it's time for me to start building my own kitchen. first up was new mixing bowls. the mixing bowls i have are ugly, kind of small, and super old. say hello to my new beautiful set of mixing bowls! 

next on my list is a kitchenaid stand mixer. no, really. you're probably thinking, "homegirl just got bowls from this century and now she thinks she needs one of the most coveted kitchen appliances known to man?" i said it was next on my list, not that i was going to buy one. you see, my sister has one that she never uses. i mean, ever. so i am going to borrow her mixer indefinitely, kind of like how she's been borrowing my chi indefinitely for the past 2 or 3 years. sounds like a fare trade to me! 

other items on my wishlist include a sifter, a cake leveler, muffin tins for mini cupcakes, and canisters to keep dry goods in like flour and sugar. 

i recently stumbled upon this recipe for strawberry cupcakes with strawberry meringue buttercream and y'all can bet your asses that i'm going to try to make them ASAP. this is a fun hobby for me and i'm excited to challenge myself with new things, like making gluten free baked goods! my friend alicia is gluten intolerant so once i get comfortable enough with the recipes i'm going to make her be my taster. 

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if you have them in your part of town, but I was at a HomeGoods store last week and they had larger sets of canisters. Don't remember how many, but definitely more than sets of three!