Saturday, February 26, 2011

a bright spot

no matter how sick i am, it would be impossible not to smile around these guys.

as for being sick goes, i went to a different doctor after work yesterday. they did a flu test and a cbc. the doctor told me that i definitely have a sinus infection (AGAIN) and an ear infection (AGAIN). i also have some sort of respiratory infection. and i'm not completely convinced that i don't have the flu. the only other time i've felt this sick was when i got the flu 3 years ago. flu swabs normally don't test positive if done more than 48 hours after the first sign of symptoms. so, for example, if the doctor i saw on tuesday had tested me i might have had different results. also, if she had figured out that i do have a bacterial infection i could have started on antibiotics on tuesday rather than friday. and if i had started them on tuesday i might have felt well enough to go camping with a bunch of my friends today. but since none of that happened i obviously did not go camping. 

i got to spend a lot of time with the nephews though and they really cheered me up. they're just ridiculous. karsten is starting to be a pretty funny little guy! and nels is just nels. he spent the night last night and this morning he asked me if he could watch thomas on my computer. i told him no because i was going back to bed because i didn't feel well. he responded by asking me if i could feel better. i ended up not going back to sleep then but i did crash out on the couch a little while later. when i awoke from that nap nels said, "you feel better tessie? yeah, you feel better." more like he was telling me than asking me. then when steve came to pick him up later when we were saying goodbye nels asked me if i could come home with him. i told him i might come over later and he said, "can you ride in daddy's car with me?" he kills me. 

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