Tuesday, February 22, 2011

enough already!

i am not out celebrating national margarita day, far from it, actually. as i sat on the couch last night looking for pictures of margaritas and watching ku slaughter oklahoma state, my throat started to burn a little. by the time i went to bed i thought, "oh shit, i think i'm getting sick." i woke up at 3:00am with what felt like acid mucus burning down my throat. i was awake for the next 2 hours tossing and turning and swallowing and wincing. by the time i woke up this morning i could barely swallow, i had snot pouring out of my face, my sinuses hurt so badly it felt like someone had punched both of my cheeks, and of course a nice little cough to really exacerbate all the pain in my head.

i worked until 3:00 this afternoon and then raced to my doctor's appointment. my regular doctor was unavailable so i had to see one of his associates. yes, emphasis on ass. she was extremely rude and dismissive of my symptoms. she told me that it was a virus and that she couldn't do anything for me, that i would just have to wait for it to run its course. i left telling one of the women at the front desk to put a note on my file to never, ever schedule me to see that doctor again. as i got in my car i called my mom and started crying about what had just happened. i was sick, exhausted, and very upset. the doctor called me to see what "my problem" was. i told her how i felt about her level of care (lack of care is more like it) and she told me she would call in a prescription somewhere. i told her that i would come back and pick up a prescription because i really hate the electronic system they use to send prescriptions.

when i got back to the clinic she took me back into the exam room, shut the door, and said, "first of all, stop crying." excuse me? i know it's not my birthday but, um, i'll cry if i want to. anyway, i explained to her that i am aware of how a virus works but that i am also aware of ways to treat symptoms so maybe i can get some sleep and continue working will this virus runs its course. i left with a prescription for cough syrup and a sample nasal spray. the whole ordeal was so exhausting.

and can we discuss how this is the third time i've been sick since christmas? i hate working around sick people all day.

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