Friday, April 8, 2011

30 day song challenge day 4: a song that makes you sad

day 4: a song that makes you sad

in july of 2002 my dad's best friend and my "uncle matt" passed away due to complications of the beast known as cancer. i knew him my entire life and sometimes i still forget that he's gone, and it's been almost 9 years. i managed to hold myself together at his funeral, even when my dad got up and spoke. then they played "let it be" and i lost it, on the inside anyway. at funerals i always try to restrain my sadness because i feel like it will look ridiculous for me to be so upset when there are people there who were closer to the deceased who aren't displaying as much grief as i am. i guess that's probably a little weird but that's just how i am. 

i don't cry every time i hear this song but every once in a while it really gets to me. one of those times was when kelly and i were sitting at william cannon and 290 heading out of town to move him to boulder. it was already a very emotional situation so when it came on the radio i all but crawled into the fetal position and started crying. 

up next, day 5: a song that reminds you of someone

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