Friday, April 8, 2011

i'm still here!

i know i haven't posted much lately other than for the 30 day song challenge but that's mostly because i haven't been doing much.

last night kelly and i went to see guster at stubb's. it was warm and humid as shit! my hair was an insane afro until i finally gave up and tied it back. when the show first started we were standing a little too far on the "outskirts" of the real crowd. everyone around us was talking and no one was dancing! we moved further in and it really changed the tone of the show for us. being around other people who are singing and dancing is a lot more fun than doing it by yourself! the show itself was wonderful, as it always is. i do wish they would come back more often than every other year though.

on april 6, 2007 kelly, sam and i saw guster at stubb's and it was a ridiculously fun night. last night was my first time seeing guster since sam passed away and i missed her so much. i had a couple of moments where i had to force myself to contain the tears that welled up in my eyes. i mean, who cries at a guster concert?!

from that night in 2007 ryan from guster, me, kelly, and sam
look how big those smiles are (except for ryan haha)!

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