Wednesday, April 20, 2011

another one bites the dust

i know that not everyone wants to spend their entire lives in one city, i get that. it doesn't make it any easier for me when my closest and best friends keep moving away though. last week i got the news that my friend joshua is moving to washington dc with his fiance, johnny. i am genuinely happy for them, i know josh has been wanting to experience what life is like somewhere other than austin but i cannot even begin to process this information. i told him that i'm just going to do what i did when dana moved away, deny the reality until a month after he's gone.

josh and i have been friends since our sophomore year of high school. we've seen and done it all together from brunch to late night dance parties at beauty bar to even later night marathons of reno 911 to tarot card readings while listening to the doors to flying kites while wearing fake mustaches. when i think about not being able to see him whenever i want i get teary eyed. i knew that this move was coming but i think i somehow convinced myself that it wasn't actually going to happen. well, it's happening sometime this summer or fall. i better make the most of the next few months!

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