Wednesday, April 20, 2011

stay on the train and go to the zoo!

there is an episode of curious george where the man in the yellow hat is taking george to the zoo to see a komodo dragon. they get on the subway to head to the zoo and somehow they become separated. this episode stresses me out because i'm a weirdo. i hate watching it. it came on pbs the other morning and i said, "ughhh i've seen this episode so many times, i can't stand it!" and my mom said, "well nels probably doesn't remember that he's seen it before." fast forward about 10 minutes when nels is quoting along with the man in the yellow hat, "stay on the train and go to the zoo!" i nearly died laughing.

later that day i was telling my sister about nels quoting along with that episode and she said, "well, i think the man in the yellow hat does say that several times in that episode so maybe he wasn't really quoting it from previous viewings." i didn't buy it and on sunday i asked nels, "what does the man in the yellow hat say to george when they're going to the zoo?" and nels said, "STAY ON THE TRAIN AND GO TO THE ZOOOO!"

also, while trying to find a screencap from this episode to post, i found this transcript and the man only says that line once in it! and since there are no decent screencaps how about i leave you with this picture of curious nels?

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