Friday, April 1, 2011

hospitals and appliances

i woke up at 1:00 this morning with a frighteningly horrible headache. it felt like a brain freeze on crack. i took maxalt and tried to go back to sleep but it was a pretty restless night from then on. when i got up for good this morning i took another maxalt and still nothing. so then i took my last vicodin and...nothing. i called in sick to work and called my mom to see if she could take me to urgent care or the emergency room. she left work immediately, came and got me, and took me to the hospital.

this trip to the emergency room was pretty much exactly like the time i had to go last april. blood work, an iv injection of dilaudid, compazine, a bag of fluids, and a cat scan. cat scan came back normal but the doc wanted to do a spinal tap. just like last year i told him i didn't think i could handle a spinal tap but if i don't start to feel better soon or start feeling worse then i will go back and have it done. last year they worried it was meningitis, this year they worry that it's an aneurysm. apparently the cat scan is only about 90% accurate in detecting small aneurysms.

after we left the hospital my mom took me to firebowl at my request. as we were eating lunch i thought about how lucky i am to have my parents around when i really, really need them. i don't know what i would have done if my mom hadn't taken me to the hospital. and then she bought me lunch after i made her sit around the smelly emergency room for a few hours? and if you think my mom is amazing for doing those things wait until you hear what she did next...

mom: how badly do you want a fancy mixer?
me: pretty badly.
mom: more than you want a new tv?
me: yes! (my tv is almost dead, btw)
mom: do you feel up to going to target now?
me: um, yeah.

say hello to my beautiful new friend

maybe in a couple of months i'll have to go to the hospital again and i can get that new tv i need. just kidding! sort of

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