Sunday, April 3, 2011

more touching

last night some friends and i participated in the geeks who drink arrested development quiz. there were something like 100 teams there which is just insane. we studied hard but only for about 3 days so we obviously didn't win. it was mostly pretty fun but damn, some of the rounds were really tough. not that i think anyone who has yet to participate in this quiz in their hometown will actually find this blog and read it but if they do, i don't want to give anything away! just know your shit, that's all i can say.

i used my beautiful mixer (which needs a name) yesterday to make cookies. it was almost too easy! i have so many cupcake recipes that i want to try out soon. on deck i have pineapple upside down cupcakes, browned butter cupcakes with chocolate buttercream, mimosa cupcakes, and tie-dyed cupcakes. my sister gave me a gift certificate to the all in one bake shop for my birthday so i went yesterday to redeem at least some of it. i got some gel paste food coloring and some more cupcake liners. i officially have, um, too many cupcake liners. i just can't stop collecting them though! my rather large cupcake/decorating caddy is pretty much full at this point.

i have this cupcake carrier that i got a few months ago. it's gotten a lot of use and i'm really happy with it.

but yesterday i saw this one and, damnit, i realllly want it. it's so cute!

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