Wednesday, April 13, 2011

i can't say that i'm surprised

a few weeks ago i had some issues breathing and pain in my chest when i tried to take a deep breath. i went to a walk-in clinic by my work and they put me on steroids and gave me an inhaler. after a week or so the chest pain seemed to go away but i still had to use the inhaler every couple of days. the inhaler never really seemed to help with my problem though. it's hard to describe but i basically felt like i could never catch my breath. my breathing was shallow and i never felt like my lungs were filling up. the inhaler was more for chest tightness or wheezing, which i didn't have.

on sunday it got really bad so i decided i needed to do something about it. i went to see my doctor, who i haven't seen in months, and he gave me a diagnosis that didn't really surprise me once i thought about it. it's hyperventilation caused by anxiety. i have been more anxious and stressed out the past couple of months than i ever have in my entire life. i know it's all related to my work situation but, unfortunately, i can't do anything about that right now so onto the medications i go. i'm not ashamed to admit any of this because i know that there's no reason to be. sometimes we just can't do it on our own. i sincerely hope that this helps because i have been a total mess lately.  i have jumped head first into this baking thing because it's something that i like to do that i am also good at. it's therapeutic for me. i hardly ever have the energy or desire to go out these days and baking at home is a way for me to still do something other than just lay in bed all day and night.

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