Wednesday, April 13, 2011

marfa=western kansas?

marfa is very "in" right now. it's quickly becoming one of those places where everyone wants to go at least once, just to experience. well, i don't mean everyone, but everyone that is remotely cool or hip and living in the state of texas. for the last year or so i've said repeatedly, "i still want to go to marfa..." but i have yet to actually go.

a few of my friends have been there recently and when i looked through their pictures i realized something, i've been there before. i haven't been there there but i've been places that look pretty much identical to marfa. i spent a large portion of my childhood summers about 750 miles north of marfa in western kansas. the scenery is similar except from marfa you can see some mountainous hills in the distance and from western kansas you can just see forever because it's so flat. some natives of lubbock will claim that it has "more sky" but i think brownell, ks has even more sky. and the unbelievable sunsets that people talk about seeing in marfa are just the same as the ones in western kansas. i should know because my uncle has probably used 100+ rolls of film documenting their intense sunsets. colors so vivid that they cannot even be imagined. western kansas probably has more trees than marfa though. anyway, it all got me thinking about some of these pictures i took up there a few years ago. the colors were unbelievably vivid but i just converted these to black and white and i love them just as much, but in a different way. these pictures make me think of in cold blood because i guess that's what comes to mind when i think of black and white kansas.

big propane tank at the farm

grain elevator

wheat field with the grain elevator far off in the distance
(click on it to view it a bit larger, i love the grain elevator in this shot)

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