Sunday, May 15, 2011

it's raining cats and dogs

it's not actually raining cats and dogs. no, here in central texas we are in a serious drought. but you know that old saying, "when it rains it pours?" it's pouring in my world. late this morning i was outside with my nephew and i rolled my ankle off the sidewalk and fell flat on my face, bruising up my leg and ankle. because, you know, things aren't rough enough around here for me right now! so on top of the crippling head/neck/shoulder pain now i have an aching right leg and foot. awesome, right? i am a mess. my whole body aches from falling down too. i'm an old lady now, i guess. 

and apparently i have the worst health insurance in the history of health insurance and i can't even afford to pay all of my medical bills right now. i'm not sure what i'm paying almost $300 a month for if i can't even pay my fucking hospital bill :( and i had to miss my new volunteer orientation for austin pets alive today because i couldn't drive myself all the way to pflugerville and then sit in a meeting for 2 hours. there's another orientation on june 5 so hopefully i can make it to that one.

but it's not all horrible over here. i made my very first pot roast today and it was not terrible. it was actually quite delicious. so even though i burnt myself taking it out of the crock pot, it was an over all success. i probably would have lost my mind if it had turned out badly. i'm all fragile and crazy from these steroids and i don't want to deal with anymore bad stuff. please, no more bad stuff. 

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