Wednesday, May 4, 2011

santa cruz and monterey

as i mentioned a few weeks ago, i'm going to santa cruz for the 4th of july. since i last discussed the trip a couple of wonderful things have happened. 1) i found out my great friend sarah, who lives in LA, will be in big sur that weekend and big sur is a little over an hour from santa cruz and 2) not only did i convince my friend bonnie to come out for the weekend but i convinced her to drive up from san antonio and fly there and back with me! i almost always fly alone so it's superrrr exciting to have a travel buddy! also, a couple other ladies from LA are more than likely going to drive up to sc for the weekend too. yay!

so we're thinking of spending a large portion of one of the days in monterey. sarah and aaron can drive up from big sur and we can check out a winery, go on the 17 mile drive, rent bikes in the pacific grove, check out the monarch butterflies and, of course, go to the aquarium. meghan also mentioned that we could go mock tourists at bubba gump's which i think sounds like a blast. haha!

bonnie and i are currently on a mission to collect as many southwest airlines drink coupons as we can. we really want to celebrate the fact that we're flying together. she always flies solo too so this is momentous! now i just need to survive the next 2 months. i hope it goes by fast because i am dying to spend an awesome weekend with some fabulous friends! i've started following groupon santa cruz on twitter to see if i can find any good deals that we need to snatch up. there isn't a groupon for monterey though. boo!

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