Thursday, May 5, 2011

no cars go

arcade fire played at the backyard on tuesday night. it was a night i had been looking forward to for about 4 years (since the last time they played in austin). it exceeded my expectations and then some. i can't quite describe it but it was definitely one of the best concert experiences of my life. it was so good, in fact, that i managed to forget all about the horrible traffic i sat in waiting to get into the venue.

 it took me about an hour to go just a few miles. i almost peed my pants. i kept having to talk myself down by saying that surely i would be inside by the time arcade fire went on because it was 7:00 and i knew they wouldn't go on until around 9:00. i sent my sister (who was already there) a text saying that i didn't know when i would be there because i was stuck in traffic and, "no cars go." which, if you don't know, is a song by arcade fire. i thought it was funny. haha! 

i think my sister may or may not have cried during the song "haiti" which she cried at 6 years ago when we saw them at lollapalooza. i can't say that i blame her, it is beautiful and sad. overall it was a truly magical evening. i hope you go see arcade fire if you ever have the chance to. i read in a review of the concert yesterday that it's impressive how they still play with so much love and energy, like they still have something to prove even though they really don't. it's good to see that they're not pulling a kings of leon and calling it in for the rest of their career. 

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