Saturday, May 7, 2011

cross your fingers for me

i've tried to keep my weird health related issues out of this blog but i guess that's not always possible for me. last month i told y'all about my anxiety issues that were becoming unmanageable. for several months i've been taking a drug called nortriptyline for my migraines/neuralgia but my doctor said i really shouldn't take nortriptyline with sertraline (for my anxiety) so i stopped taking it. i called my neurologist to see if he could call in something else for me that was also used to treat migraines and neuralgia but wouldn't react poorly with sertraline (i actually know of a specific drug that would be perfect for me). instead of prescribing something new he told his nurse to call me and tell me that it was fine for me to take the two drugs together. my primary doctor and my pharmacist both strongly warned me against doing this! i had already been thinking about "firing" my neurologist because he just doesn't seem to care anymore. for example, i get dizzy a lot and i finally mentioned that to him at one of my check ups and he said, "well keep an eye on that." I HAVE BEEN KEEPING AN EYE ON IT, THAT'S WHY I'M TELLING YOU ABOUT IT NOW. ugh. so after this bullshit with medication i'm officially on the hunt for a new neurologist.

there's one, dr. cain, who i saw several years ago for a while who i really liked. i stopped seeing him because i was doing really well and just didn't need him anymore. then somehow i ended up going to a different doctor, and then another doctor. anyway, i want to go back to dr. cain but it's not as easy as calling and making an appointment. he's probably not taking new patients at this point so i had to give them all of my information regarding symptoms, previous diagnosis, and doctors i've seen in the past. the lady i talked to said she would give it to dr. cain and then they would call me and let me know if i could make an appointment. i really hope he will take me back because i don't even know how to begin to find a neurologist who will work with me.

of all times to be "between" neurologists, i have been having something funky happening recently. i'm not even sure that it's neurological but luckily i have an appointment with my regular doctor on monday so i can talk with him about it. the something funky is that i have been getting a very cold, wet sensation in my left foot, between my first 2 toes. it has happened several times this week and each time i legitimately think i have stepped in a puddle or something has dripped on me from somewhere and each time there is nothing there. i've also had a couple of times where i felt something cold and wet dripping down my leg except, you guessed it, nothing was there. i don't like to dig too far into the internet with questions about these types of things because i'm pretty sure i'll convince myself that i have ms or something. buuuut the things i did read all point towards some sort of nerve problem ie pinched or damaged nerve. or maybe it's nothing. that would be awesome! so, if you could cross your fingers that i get in to see dr. cain i would really appreciate it. i need all the help i can get! my headaches are getting worse and worse by the day because i'm not medicated and i'm not sure how much longer i can do this. i know i could probably ask my primary doctor to prescribe something but as far as dosing and what would work best for my conditions, i should really see a neurologist.

and my anxiety seems to be getting both better and worse. it's hard to explain but i've developed some lovely intestinal problems as well as some sort of stress/anxiety rash. i get itchy a lot, mostly on my arms, but there's rarely ever a visible rash. the itching isn't contained to my arms, sometimes it's my legs and stomach, but mostly it's the arms. and it's really only when i'm at work or trying to fall asleep. ugh, so annoying.

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Anonymous said...

have you looked into food allergies? they sometimes have delayed reactions (hours after eating), causing hives and/or headaches and/or intestinal, etc. good luck! :-)