Saturday, June 11, 2011

hello comfortable sleep

guess what i got today? 

a new bed! 

i got a sealy posturepedic grassleaf firm mattress and box spring. i am beyond excited about this. i don't know how common this is but i am 28 years old and i've never had a new mattress in my life. is that crazy? well anyway, i am in desperate need of a new mattress. the one i have now is not comfortable anymore. it's i don't know how many years old. you'd have to ask jenn because it's actually her old bed, which i've had for the past...8 years? i can't remember. anyway, it's old. it served me very well until just recently when it suddenly became the most uncomfortable mattress on the planet. i'm sure that is a huge contributing factor to my discomfort at night and inability to get a good night's sleep. my new baby is being delivered tomorrow afternoon which means just one more night in agony. 

i knew i needed a pretty firm bed and i spent a good amount of time laying on this one before making my decision.

i cannot wait to sleep on it! 

and this guy even helped test out mattresses today. he asked the salesman, "where are the blankets?" haha he's so funny!

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Centrechick said...

I have an extra firm mattress (Sealy Posturepedic too), bought in 2000 (one of the first things I bought after getting a real job) and I love it. When I bought my house, I decided to buy a new mattress and put my old one in the guest bedroom. I decided to splurge and get an ultra plush one. It lasted six months, I had a disc slip in my back and I went back to the firm mattress. Next time I get one, I'm going for firm again, they are SO comfortable. The plush ones are nice in the very short term, but for a full night's sleep, nothing beats a firm mattress!