Sunday, June 12, 2011

sunday funday, sort of

i tried to revive sunday funday today but i didn't last too long. it was so hot and being out in the heat is probably the worst thing i can do right now. becoming even remotely dehydrated is really painful for me. anyway, it was nice to socialize and see josh and alicia. too bad our waitress at black sheep was horrible

but i do have pictures!

a tito's fruitini...disgusting :( 

fried cookie dough and ice cream...delicious!

john daly...yummy but made me hive-y 

awkward josh...always delicious 

when i got home my new bed was here! it's TALL. i hope i don't fall out of it. i had to resist the temptation to nap in it when i got home because if i nap too late in the afternoon then i won't be able to sleep at night. wait, i can't sleep at night anyway...maybe i should have just gone for that nap after all. anyway, i'm very, very excited to sleep in it tonight. in fact, i might head to bed shortly. what a grandma. 

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