Thursday, December 29, 2011

is this thing on?

hi. i have a blog? i'm mostly here to document the 2 nights i saw wilco a few weeks back. i had already forgotten some of the details so i decided i would come here and put it down, for my sake.

i was lucky enough to get into wilco's austin city limits taping on november 30. it was incredible. it was my third taping this year but i don't know if it was the best. arcade fire's was probably still the best for me but that's only because i've only seen them a few times whereas i've seen wilco a million times. anyway, the next night i saw them again when they played a concert to the general public. afterwards i was able to convince my very wonderful friend who works for acl live that we should go down to where the band was hanging out. he was understandably concerned that maybe it would be awkward or i would turn into a psycho since they're my favorite band. i assured him that i could handle my shit (i've met jeff before and i was totally normal) so we went!

i talked with nels cline for a while about my nephew who is basically named after him. he seemed to genuinely appreciate hearing about him and he even asked if i had a picture of him. i showed him this one and he said, "whoa, psychedelic!" 

as we were getting ready to leave i spotted john so i ran over to him to tell him how much i love it's just that simple and that it's always reminded me of neil young. he said, "really? i thought i was channeling danko when i wrote that." then we talked about the last waltz for a couple of minutes. i love those moments where you realize why you like something. we like the same music so it's only natural that i'm going to like the music he makes. i had a similar conversation with ben kweller a few years ago. it's like the pieces fall into place.

maybe someday i'll blog about my life. or something. 

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