Friday, June 6, 2008

darvocet sucks

i went to see my regular doctor yesterday because texas oncology sucks. they don't care about me because i don't have cancer. they told me to take glucosamine chondroitin for the pain. that's mostly for joint pain and arthritis. yeah, not gonna help me. anyway, my doctor did an x-ray and gave me darvocet. darvocet isn't great. it provides about as much pain relief has aspirin. but i suppose it's better than an arthritis supplement. i haven't heard back about the x-ray yet. i'm not really sure what it could possibly reveal anyway, other than a hole in my iliac crest. i have to go back to see my doctor in a week or 2 and then i'll probably go see the orthopedist. grrr. i have a job interview on monday. yikes!

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