Wednesday, June 4, 2008

tv appearance and bone holes

first things first, dan and i went to schulz beer garten for the last few minutes of the obama primary watching party and ended up being in a crowd shot on news 8 austin. awesome! secondly, i believe i mentioned this last week but whatevs. i spoke with a nurse at my oncologist's office to find out if it is normal for my bone hole (the site of the bone marrow biopsy...cute nickname, huh?) to still hurt pretty badly. she nurse said it wasn't common but not completely abnormal. i spoke with a different nurse on the phone today and she said that i should not be experiencing this much pain this long after the biopsy. so she said she would talk to the doctor and then call me back. this was around 3:00 and she didn't get back to me. also, my white blood cell count is lower than last time i had labs done but still pretty elevated. annnnnd i am SO DAMN EXCITED that obama clinched the nomination!!! i haven't seen the entire speech from earlier tonight but i heard it was really moving. i can't wait to watch it!

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