Thursday, November 5, 2009

awesome bloggers invade austin

this morning i read jenn's blog about a possible blogger meet up in austin in april. i blog a lot but i'm not super active in the blogging community. i would like to be but i guess i haven't found by niche. oh well. anyway, that blog post that jenn made got me thinking about my favorite places to take visitors when they come to austin.

first, i LOVE to take out of towners to vivo to enjoy their delicious margaritas. they seriously make the best margaritas in town!

next, it's always fun to catch a movie at one of the alamo drafthouse locations. who doesn't love yummy food and booze while enjoying a movie?

if the opportunity presents itself, one should always take in a concert at stubb's! overall, it's my favorite venue in austin. i can't even count the number of awesome shows i've seen there.

for a great, unique brunch experience you can't get much better than the south congress cafe. of course, i also loooove the brunch at nomad! but if you go to the south congress cafe, you're within walking distance of some really fun places! like hey cupcake! yummmm!

it's always pretty cool to support local businesses. i'm a big fan of the north loop area, personally.


and now here's a list of my favorite "watering holes" in town:
the side bar
club deville

i'm more into the dive bar scene than anything else so that's pretty much what all those places are. if you're looking for the unce-unce dance club, you'd have to ask someone else for recommendations. and if you want to hang out with 21 year old frat daddies and sorostitutes, you'll also need to ask someone else for help with that. actually, i guess i could provide a list of all the places that i avoid. ha!

oh and honorable mention goes to the one bar that's actually on 6th street that i have spent a lot of time in: jackalope, if only for the helldorado!

all pictures in the post were taken by yours truly (except for the drafthouse logo)! it was fun to be able to use my own images of all these places! i'm sure there are more places that i'm forgetting but these are really my absolute favorites.


Mel Ferro Cole said...

Love this blog! these are some of my favorites, but you mention a few places I haven't been too and now looking forward to trying! :)

Jane said...

if i ever go to austin i will refer to this post. is that a photo of ryans shadow in your stubbs photo? if so i have one just like it from a show in baltimore that i took a couple years back

stefanie said...

that is ryan! haha! his shadow is recognizable.