Wednesday, June 30, 2010

pity party of one, please

i'm so frustrated. i feel like i haven't seen my friends in ages and i'm having to miss events because of my stupid foot. my friend erin had a birthday brunch on sunday and i wasn't able to go. i was devastated. also, we love to go to pitcher night at shakepeare's on thursdays but it's been months since we've gone. i texted everyone weeks ago saying that we should all go on july 1. that's tomorrow and guess what? i probably can't make it. there is no parking near shakespeare's unless i get down there at 4:30 and try to find a spot on the street right in front (read: that ain't happenin'). i can't park 2 or 3 blocks away like i normally do. and it's supposed to rain on and off all day. yesterday when i tried to run errands in the rain i almost killed myself several times. that boot has NO traction. and driving is tough. my foot hurts horribly pretty much the entire time i'm driving anywhere so obviously i should try to cut down on unnecessary driving. yesterday was the first time i had gone anywhere other than work since i got my boot last wednesday. and where did i go? the doctor, michael's, office depot, and freebirds. nothing even remotely socially stimulating.

i was awake until well past 3:00 this morning after taking those damn steroids. and even after i did fall asleep i slept like shit. i woke up constantly. i was hot and sweaty and just generally super uncomfortable. i'm just fucking miserable. i'm bored. my attention span is virtually non-existent right now. i feel like crying which is totally ridiculous. i'm just being a big baby. i am not hospitalized, i still have all my limbs, i really shouldn't be complaining so much.

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