Friday, February 18, 2011

young and sweet

i'm sure i've made mention here before of how much my nephew loves the song take a chance on me by abba. when he was a wee tot i used to play it for him to calm him down. and now any time i'm on my computer he climbs up in my lap and says, "wanna see take a chance on me!" in this video he's watching the abba video on youtube and listening to it through a headset.

in an effort to regain some of my sanity a couple of weeks ago (i can't handle listening to the same songs over and over and over and over) i suggested we listen to a different abba song. i played dancing queen for him and he kept saying, "i don't like this," which i know was a lie. my sister recently starting saying, "mommy doesn't like that," to him so now he says that he doesn't like everything. but how could you not like dancing queen?! a week or so later nels said, "wanna listen to queen dancing!" so now we usually watch take a chance on me and dancing queen. on wednesday night i was making up alternate lyrics such as, "dancing nels, young and sweet only almost 3..." and every time i said, "dancing nels" he said, "dancing tessie!" and it was really freakin' adorable. i'm sure i've mentioned the tessie thing here before, right? well, for some reason nels calls me tessie. he knows that my name is stefanie and he can say it but for some reason he calls me tessie, tess, or sometimes tesso.

he's a strange ranger, that's for sure.

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