Tuesday, May 31, 2011

taking some time

this morning my doctor told me that i needed to be tested for lupus. i've seen house, i know that it's never lupus. so now i just have to convince myself that it's never lupus. i read a lot about it earlier and i honestly don't think that i have it because i don't have many of the symptoms. but i have to wait about a week to get my results. i still really think if it's anything, it's fibromyalgia. but i'm not a doctor. 

i had an EEG this morning also. you're supposed to be sleep deprived for an EEG so i was only allowed to sleep for 4 hours last night. that was poor timing because i only slept about 4 hours the night before as well. thanks, insomnia. anyway, today was pretty awful. i was so tired and emotional about everything that's happening and not happening. last week was very difficult for me in terms of work. i was miserable all week but somehow i managed to get it together to go to work every day. yeah, not this week. i'm actually not working at all this week. i just can't right now. it's too much. 

i'm getting an MRI tomorrow morning which will show nothing. i've had countless numbers of MRIs that were all normal. at this point i would probably die of shock if they actually found something physically wrong with my brain. 

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