Monday, June 6, 2011

house was right

it's never lupus. 

well, unfortunately for some people it is lupus but i got my test results back today and in my case, it's not lupus! 

we aren't exactly back at square one either but pretty close. i had more blood taken today to run a couple more tests and next thursday i'm going to see a rheumatologist. the more i read about it the more i am convinced it's fibromyalgia. luckily i start taking gabapentin tonight for my headaches and gabapentin is also used in the treatment of chronic pain, in many cases, caused by fibromyalgia. so if it is fibromyalgia, maybe i'll start seeing some relief soon? i hope so! 

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livin wide said...

glad to hear! if it does end up being fibromyalgia (hoping it's not that either) i have a friend who has suffered for years who i'm sure would talk to you about it if you had any questions/needed advice.