Friday, July 15, 2011

long time no see

sorry for the very serious lack of updates lately. i don't really have an excuse, i've just been too lazy. let's recap the last couple of weeks, shall we? 

santa cruz

it was so much more fun than i had hoped it would be. unfortunately i had a lot of muscle aches and pains while i was there so my energy was a bit down but i still had such an incredible time. the laughter i was hoping for? oh my dear god. i honestly cannot think of a weekend that i have laughed more than i did that weekend. it was unreal. i still find myself thinking of things and laughing to myself on a regular basis. my coworkers think i'm a lunatic. the weather was totally amazing. in fact, i wish i was still there because it's approximately a billion degrees here. 

we didn't do a whole lot of touristy things while we were there. we hit the lost boys bridge and the boardwalk the first day, the flea market the second day, and a little beach time on the last day. 

lost boys bridge

the end of the boardwalk 

craft time!

brittney working on her awesome collage 

4th of july...faces were painted

a few hours before we had to head home

santa cruz is so funny

cupcakes and pizza with nels

last friday nels and i made cupcakes together. he picked out the cupcake liners and then picked mini ones as well saying that we needed to make some small cupcakes for baby karsten. the next day nels and papi made mini pizzas for lunch.

nels said, "tessie, they're perfect!" 

nels helped decorate these, they got a little silly

eating the leftover sauce 

sneaking a pepperoni 

cramming his face with cheese 

karsten's 1st birthday

my baby nephew turned 1 on sunday and had his first cupcake!

and that's pretty much it. wow, that's lot of pictures! 

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