Saturday, January 7, 2012

this is not a retraction

a while back i did some serious blogging about falling out of love with one of my favorite bands (gomez). well, not exactly falling out of love with but definitely not loving their new album. and the fact that i haven't seen them live in i don't know how long. no really, i can't quite remember the last time i saw them. i thiiink it was july 2009? is that right? whoa. i don't know. 

anyway, they're doing a big quinceanera tour to celebrate 15 years of playing together and they are FINALLY doing something that wilco, and other bands, have been doing for years. setlist requests! maybe if enough people band together and request as an organized group we won't have to hear any of the new songs. i kid. sort of. sorry, guys. so i think i'm going to go to the shows. two great friends of mine are getting married the day before the first show and many of my friends that i met through gomez will be in town for the wedding and i believe they're all planning on going to the first night before heading back to their respective home cities. how can i resist seeing the band that brought us all together with my wonderful friends? i don't think i can.

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