Wednesday, February 1, 2012

holy infections, batman!

on friday evening i randomly got a really bad sore throat. then i got what i call airplane ears. you know, where your ears feel like they're going to explode from pressure? my tonsils were red and swollen with white bumps. i knew pretty much instantly that i had strep throat. the only other time in my life that i've gotten so sick so quickly was with strep when i was, like, 12. 

on saturday i developed a majorly runny nose. then on sunday i started coughing. i was going to try to ride it out without going to the doctor because all they would do is put me on antibiotics and antibiotics don't really do much for strep. they can shorten it by about a day which isn't really worth the crappy side effects if you ask me. on monday night my airplane ears turned into icepick ears. the pain was so bad that i couldn't sleep. 

i finally caved and went to the doctor tuesday evening. he came into the exam room and asked for my symptoms. i listed all of them and he said, "you've just describe the common cold virus." okay guy, i know it sounds like a cold but i promise you i would not be here if it were just a cold. he said he would, "check me out, just in case." he looked in my throat and said, "whoa, we need to swab that!" then he looked in my right ear and said, "have you been aggressively q-tipping your ears?" why the hell would i do that when they hurt this bad?! he said my ear was super red, inflamed, and irritated. then he looked in my left ear and asked me if one hurt worse than the other. i told him the left did and he said, "yeah, that one is way worse than the right and the right one is pretty bad." 

so you want the diagnosis? strep throat, middle ear infection (bacterial), sinus infection (bacterial), and an upper respiratory infection (viral). my friend paul said that if i had a yeast infection i would probably win some sort of infection prize. then i informed him that the #1 cause of yeast infections is antibiotics. so maybe i'll win that infection prize after all! wah wah. so i'm on steroids, antibiotics and narcotics for the cough+pain.

and on saturday i'm co-hosting a bridal shower. kill me now. please don't, but you know. i'm just miserable and i'm trying to figure out how i'm going to get everything done in time. 

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